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Last updated: 17 Jan 2023

While some of our clothing pieces are folded up, there are certain items that need to be hung up to prevent wrinkling and to preserve their overall quality. When your collection of clothing expands, you’ll eventually find that they take up too much space in your wardrobe. This can make the process of keeping things organized in your home quite a challenge, which is why you need to consider the selection of space saving solutions that are available. This is where a set of space saving hangers can be very useful. These hangers are made to provide support for multiple pieces of clothing on each of the structures that are included. Since there are several types of these hangers available, you may find it hard to select a set that works for your particular needs. Our goal in this particular post is to give you a good idea of the current selection of top picks that are available. We chose them based on size, durability, and quantity. Read our list below!

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Compare the Top Space Saving Hangers of 2023

  • 1 Top Pick – Durable Design
  • 2 Compact Design – Non-Slip Grip
  • 3 Runner Up – Curved Design
  • 4 Best Cascading – Six Hole Hangers
  • 5 Most Colorful – Sturdy Design
  • 6 Honorable Mention – Bulk Option

Compare the Top Space Saving Hangers of 2023

Top Pick – Durable Design


The Best Space Saving Hanger in 2023 - twentytwowords (7)

Key Features

These are made to provide a good fit for heavier types of clothing that you need to hang up. Each of these structures provides space for up to five hangers.

With these space saving hangers, you can improve the organization of your closets and wardrobes. Each of these comes with five holes. These holes allow you to hang various types of clothing pieces. Plastic is the primary material used in the production of the product.


  • The use of durable materials helps to prevent breakage when hanging heavy clothes
  • There are multiple package options that you can choose from


  • These only come in white and black colors

Compact Design – Non-Slip Grip


The Best Space Saving Hanger in 2023 - twentytwowords (8)

Key Features

The clips are easy to slide along the bar, allowing them to fit a wide range of apparel. You can conserve room in your closet by putting up to four skirts or pants on a single hanger. It takes up very little floor space in a closet because of the compact design.

Zober’s strong chrome-plated clips featurea rubber coating thatprevents yourclothesfrom falling off the hanger by holding them softly but securely. The hanger is composed of high-quality anti-rust chrome metal and rubber tips on the exposed edges to prevent damage and injuries.


  • Rubber coated clips hold clothes safely
  • Compact design occupies less space in the closet
  • Anti-rust chrome matter lasts longer


  • Metal ends are very sharp without rubber caps

Runner Up – Curved Design


The Best Space Saving Hanger in 2023 - twentytwowords (9)

Key Features

This is a great choice for organizing scarves and pants that need to be hung up. Stainless steel is used in the construction, adding to its durability.

Each of these items provides five rows for hanging multiple clothing pieces each. Each of the rows features a non-slip layer that helps to prevent your pants and scarves from slipping off. You can choose between three color options when you decide to opt for these.


  • Stainless steel adds a heavy-duty element to these that also makes them rust resistant
  • There are five of these hangers included in this set


  • No alternative package options for people who require a larger set

Best Cascading – Six Hole Hangers


The Best Space Saving Hanger in 2023 - twentytwowords (10)

Key Features

With support for up to six products per piece, you can significantly optimize the space in your wardrobe. These are available in 10 and 20 package options.

The double hook system provided by these hangers gives you the ability to hang the structure up in different ways. You can add six items to each of these structures, which means the set can provide storage space for up to 120 pieces of clothing. The black color adds a universal fit with any decor in the surrounding area.


  • There are up to 20 of these structures included in each of these packages
  • Six holes allow you to hang more clothes on each of these structures


  • These are not as durable, making them less efficient when hanging heavy clothes

Most Colorful – Sturdy Design


The Best Space Saving Hanger in 2023 - twentytwowords (11)

Key Features

This is a set of storage optimization tools that uses five holes to maximize your organization. These have a heavy-duty design to provide support for a wider variety of clothing items.

This has a selection of 12 pieces that you can use with standard products. There are five holes added to each of these structures. The holes are large enough to provide a proper fit for a wide range of hanger types. There are two hooks on each of these hangers. This allows you to easily hang it on a rail.


  • There are 12 of these included in this particular set
  • They feature multiple colors, which can aid with your organization


  • There are no bulk options available

Honorable Mention – Bulk Option


The Best Space Saving Hanger in 2023 - twentytwowords (12)

Key Features

This pack focuses on helping to reduce the risk of your clothing pieces developing wrinkles. There are 10 pieces included in this particular package.

This is a set that prioritizes organization and minimizes the amount of space used to hang your clothes in the wardrobe. There are three color options that you are able to choose from. Durable materials help to add a heavy-duty element to the construction of this set.


  • You can hang up to 50 garments with a single pack of these packages
  • Every item provides support for up to five clothing pieces


  • May bend when you hang heavy garments on a single hanger

Best Space Saving Hanger Buying Guide

A pack of space saving hangers can instantly transform your wardrobe, making things more organized. This, however, accounts only for cases where you ensure the hangers you opt for feature an appropriate design. You first need to have a thorough understanding of your own needs. This will come in handy when it comes to choosing a particular hanger that will work for your closet’s organization. Take a look at the type of clothing pieces that you will be hanging up with the structure of the hanger. You’ll usually use different types of space saving hangers for pants and shirts, for example. If you have different types of clothing to hang up, then you should consider a hanger that has a more versatile design.

Look at the durability of the hangers that are included in the kit. This means considering the materials that the manufacturer decided to use in order to construct the hangers. With durable construction, you’ll be able to hang up some of your more durable clothing pieces. Some companies will actually specify the amount of weight that their space saving hangers can handle. This information can be helpful when it comes to determining whether a specific set of these hangers would be an appropriate option based on your clothing. YOu should also keep in mind the number of space saving hangers that come with the set. Look at how many pieces of clothing you need to hang, then ensure the package will provide sufficient coverage.

People Also Asked

Q: How many pieces of clothing can I hang on a space saving hanger?

A: The specific count really depends on the hanger that you have in mind. Different designs are available, with the majority of these options providing a specific number of holes that are used for adding your existing hangers. You need to look at a specific set of space saving hangers to help you determine an answer to this particular question. In the majority of cases, these hangers provide support for hanging either four or five pieces of clothing. If you have specific needs in mind, then you should take this into consideration when you are looking at the hanger options that you can choose from.

Q: How do I use space saving hangers?

A: The primary element in a space saving hanger is a design that allows you to add more than one piece of clothing to each of these pieces. You first need to take a look at the specific design. If there are holes in the structure, then you will require a set of standard hangers to use it. Start by hooking the space saving hanger onto a rail that you want to use with it. The next step is to place your clothing pieces onto your regular hangers. These hangers should then be hooked into the space saver that you have previously placed on the rail in your wardrobe. Note that this is not how all of the space saving hangers on the market work. Some provide rows that you can directly use to hang your clothes. These do not require any additional items in order to be utilized.

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